How To Have Phone Sex Hookups UK With A Girl Or Guys And Make Her Climax Real Fast

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Step One: Pick a Meeting point Phone Sex UK provides you with a whole range of meeting points where you can meet and talk in confidence. This step involves picking up the receiver, checking his or her voice mail and dialing a number you have been thinking of calling him or her. Just be sure you have the correct number. Phone Sex UK is discreet and your partner will never know that you are using a phone sex service.

Step Two: Begin conversation Once you are at the call point you should gently suggest something that is exciting or sexy to do on the phone and make your lover comfortable. If you pick a nice and soft tone of voice it will definitely turn him or her on. You can casually mention how sexy you think his or her clothes make him look and ask him or her what they think of your outfit. Soft spoken conversation is the key to successful cheap phone chat sessions.

Step Three: Tease him or her In this step you want to tease your pa

rtner and tell him or her that you really want to get physical with him or her on the phone sex chat line. Tell him or her that you have been eying him or her all day long and that now is your chance. It is time for you both to touch, kiss, lick and suck each other. Be as descriptive as possible as to make the experience as realistic as possible. This is your moment to see how much he or she is craving you.

Step Four: Tease your guy You can really turn your guy hot by telling him or her that you would love to give him or her some “special treatment”. Most men take it in stride and enjoy it. Step forward and slide your fingers deep inside of his or her vagina. Start with little finger movements and work your way up to a more aggressive rubbing motion. This is a great way to send him or her into the mood and give him or her the ultimate pleasure phone sex lines.

Step Five: climax Once you reach climax your man or her will be satisfied and you will have your phone sex session to yourself. Your girl or guy should sit there and take it easy. They will come back to you for more later. A great way to end your experience is cuddle together on the couch or the bed. Some girls love to cuddle while they are phone Sex UK and some prefer to take a shower afterwards.