ARDARAZ Lubricant Gel Relaxing Effect with Ylang Ylang, Arnica and Hyaluronic Acid. Water-Based Lubricant Gel 200 ml


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  • Feeling comfortable is possible! Our water-based lubricating gel with a relaxing effect will provide you with optimal lubrication and that necessary point of relaxation which we provide naturally thanks to the extract of Ylang Ylang and Arnica.
  • We’re different! The formula is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid which will provide you with extra lubricity and hydration always respecting the intimate natural pH. Do not let uncomfortable friction stop you the moment is yours
  • Feeling protected and giving us the care we deserve! That is what we prioritize at Ardaraz. This lubricating gel minimizes friction and the risk of irritation that is not welcome in our lives. Forget about the worry that the condom will break or any silicone accessory will be damaged.
  • Ardaraz the first cosmetics brand that breaks the STATUS QUO and the TABOOs understanding cosmetics as the expression of our rebellious self to feel exclusively free as masters of our lives and live here and now without worrying about what others think.
  • The Ardaraz brand is manufactured in Spain in compliance with all European Regulations that guarantee safe and high-quality products. Cruelty Free we use vegan raw materials and recyclable materials reducing the environmental impact