Breast Pump Silicone Ruler 21-Size Diameter Breastpump Flange Sizing Ruler Measuring Card Sizing Tool for Nipple-Shield


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  • Wide Range Diameter: The nipple ruler measuring card with 21 size circle that can meet various diameter sizing requirements for durable use no-worry of nipple size changes.
  • Increase Your Breastmilk Production: The nipple ruler assist you to get the right size nipple diameter and find the proper breast pump flange promote better breast milk flow and output under the correct flange size
  • Breast Pump Flange Measuring Tool for Nipple: The breast pump nipple measuring tool help to measure the nipple diameter and get the proper size pump flange that can work perfectly with your breastfeeding pump solve moms problems.
  • Selected Material: The breast pump flange measuring tool use food grade silicone skin-friendly and accuracy scales safe to use for delicate skin.
  • Simple to Use: The nipple measuring ruler which easy to use simple hold the ruler with edge of your one side nipple use mirror record the correspond scale please make sure comfortably fit your nipple without forcing-it then to get the proper measuring size