BZX2- Transparent Material Delayed Therapy Tool Vacuum Pump Enlarger Enlarge for Men


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  • Made of 100% silicone it is very comfortable and can touch the skin directly.
  • The product itself adopts transparent design so that you can clearly see the real changes inside intuitively feel the effect of the product and the small dots on the surface of the product further enhance the use experience.
  • The elasticity of the product is so good that it can even cover the entire palm making it suitable for most people. And the bottom of the product can be covered with a design to ensure that the product will not fall off in the process of use.
  • The top of the product fits the human body and can extend your size increase the use time so that people can experience the product effect for a longer time.
  • All products will be delivered to you in a prudent package and we value your privacy. No one knows what is inside.