Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test Kit (OPK). Double Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant, 1 Digital Holder And 20 Ovulation Tests


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  • Double your chances of getting pregnant in the first cycle of use (1)
  • 20 test sticks give you a higher chance of detecting your most fertile days if your cycle length varies or if you don’t know how long it is
  • Clear results the unique Clearblue ‘smiley face’ appears on your fertile days: make love on High and Peak Fertility days to maximise your chances of getting pregnant
  • Identifies additional high fertility days that no other test can so you have more opportunities to get pregnant
  • No. 1 UK Doctor recommended brand in a survey of doctors in the UK (data on file). Providing pregnancy tests ovulation kits and fertility tests for women for over 35 years
  • Can adjust every time you test according to your unique hormone profile
  • Over 99% accurate at detecting the LH surge
  • Easy to use vs ovulation test strips – in a UK study 7/10 women found ‘strips’ were not ‘easy to use’ (111 women using and reading different test types)
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