DBW2- Unforgettable Pink 8.46 inches Super Soft Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE R&e&alÎs&tÎc Ð&Î-l&ḓ-ō Adûlt Ṥ&ë&ẍ


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  • Made of Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE. Contains no synthetic fragrance s or latex which make it have excellent anti-twisting & Abrasion-proof property. It is soft comfortable a imitation of human structure design.
  • The product has a length of 8.46 in a thickness of 1.37 in and a small tail length of 2.95 in. Surface bumps and circles for better friction.
  • The product has three different rotation and frequency forces 24 kinds of frequency plus rotation mode. When you press the frequency button you can feel the double frequency of the head and the tail. Just unscrew the bottom cover and put in a 4*AAA battery (not included).
  • The special bumps and textured handles on the surface of the Product are based on ergonomic design standards giving consumers a lifelike experience.
  • Discreet packing the product will ship to you in a customized package just providing you the best . Note: after the battery is installed please place the side of the battery box with iron sheet on the bottom two wires of the product so that the product can work normally.