Eroxon StimGel Treatment Gel for Erectile Dysfunction – Helps You Get an Erection Within 10 Minutes – Compatible with Latex Condoms and Lubricants – 4 Single Dose Tubes


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  • HELPS YOU GET AN ERECTION WITHIN 10 MINUTES: This fast-action gel helps you get an erection within 10 minutes. Apply a pea-sized amount of gel (the contents of 1 tube) gently to the head of the penis just before sex. Massage it for about 15 seconds and wait for it to take effect (2).
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE : Eroxon Stimgel is a gel that is clinically proven to treat erectile dysfunction and is available without prescription.
  • A UNIQUELY FORMULATED GEL : Ethanol propylene glycol glycerin carbomer and pH modifier. The unique combination of ingredients creates a viscous gel with non-irritant properties with very few and mild side effects.
  • IS EROXON SUITABLE FOR ME?: Eroxon Stimgel is suitable for you if you experience occasional to regular problems of getting a full erection or maintaining erections long enough for sex. It has shown to be successful in over 60% of men.
  • THE EXPERT IN ERECTILE HEALTH: Eroxon is strongly committed to enhance your sexual health and improve your self-confidence. Eroxon strives to give each man the power to take control of their erections restoring spontaneity and confidence day after day.